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Soft, padded, simple Cavesson noseband which hangs from the headpiece itself. This eliminates the 'Ridge' pressure and 'Base of Ear' pressure caused by noseband headpieces which run either under, or over the bridle headpiece.  Padded, 1 inch wide, cavesson style.



The soft, lightly padded noseband hangs from the headpiece and is anatomically shaped. It is wider at the front,  1.5 inches, and tapers gently down towards the cheekpiece hangers, where the Bulk of the padding stops. This removes the problem that is often found with wider padded nosebands, which create 'Bulk' and, therefore, pressure at this point and this can also interfere with the rings or sides of the bit. This problem is eliminated by the innovative Scorpio noseband.

The noseband has a simple buckle and strap fastening at the back, to reduce the weight of the bridle and, therefore, the weight on the Poll.



Padded, 1.5" wide at the front, semi-crank rear fastening with chin pad.

Leaves plenty of room for the bit, without noseband interference, on horses with short heads/Ponies.

Relieves the pressure on the Upper Molars.

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