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HERE is a printable worksheet you can take to the barn for assistance with how and where to measure, and jot down your notes.

Take the measurements around the horses head, to the same point on the other side, for the noseband, headpiece split to split, throatlash and browband.

The Split to Split on the Headpiece (Where the wide poll leather spits into the 2 hangers) measurement is the first one to take. The point for the measurement is 3/4" below the base of the ear. EVERYONE gets this measurement wrong and they are always too short!

The Cheekpiece Buckles must NOT be higher than eye-level to avoid compromising the TMJ and the measurement must be taken with the current bridle on and with the bit that is to be used attached and in the mouth in the correct position. Measure only the LEATHER part, not including the buckles. Most people measure this part too LONG!

The Browband must be long enough to allow the Headpiece to sit back, away from the rear bulge of the back of the ear and includes the 'Loops'.

The Noseband is measured all around the nose at a point about 2 fingers wide BELOW the bottom of the Facil Crest - looks like the  front part of the cheekbone. Add 2" to this measurement.

The Throatlash is measured from a point just above the cheekpiece buckle, around the back of the cheeks, to the same point at the other side. Include the hanger loops.

To Assist you in Getting The Correct Head Piece This is The Photo I Need

If you send a photo of your horse in the current bridle you use, it must be EXACTLY like this one ie. the head in the ridden position, soft contact, ears forward, camera pointed at mid cheek.

I need one both with and without the browband and from both sides.

This is where the Cheekpiece Buckles must be - no higher.

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