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HP Running Reins System

HP Running Reins System

Running Reins System; bridle and surcingle not included.
HP Running Reins for Training and Fixing many hind end problems in horses, and building top line

In the words of Mr. HP, "In my opinion, this running rein system beats all other training systems including pessoa, shambon, side reins, and the rest!"

It has 5 different running rein adjustment systems for different muscular or psychological problems. The equipment comes with detailed info and photo explanation of training systems.

Designed to make the adjustment easy and accurate, according to the horse's needs.

Clips onto a girth with included D ring or loop for over a girth. Mistakes are difficult to make!

Designed for various Veterinary assessments and remedial systems. (Proven)
Use of Running Reins

Assists in lowering the horses head.
Assists in encouraging the horse to flex at the poll and work on the vertical.
Encourages the horse to work from their back and hindquarters.
Encourages correct muscle development.

Side reins should not be used on horses who do not understand collection as they simply hold them in a fixed 'jammed-up' frame, promoting the growth of incorrect muscle groups.

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