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HP Roller (Surcingle)

HP Roller (Surcingle)

Use for the HP Mouthing and Re-Mouthing systems. All other rollers WILL break and the rings WILL rip out as they are not built for the job.

These rollers have the Western LATIGO' girthing system which is far better and less stressful for the horse than English style girths - particularly on a breaker.
Why The Latigo Githing System?

When girthing up with English girths, it is impossible not to tighten one side more than the other as you go, twisting the horse's skin and making it uncomfortable for him. This is the LAST thing that you want with a breaker who has never felt girth restriction before and many 'Girthy' horses are caused at the very beginning of their training because of it.

Some horses never get over it and remain girthy all their lives,due to this first bad experience, but for others, it is much worse. Sudden girth tightness 'Grabs' them and you can end up with a panic bronco bucking incident. These horses will go round the round pen or arena broncing and grunting with fear, becoming more terrified as they go, because the girth does not let go. They can run through arena fences, into water troughs - even into walls - I have seen it - and the future career of the young horse is in jeopardy from that point on. They can even injure themselves so badly that their career is OVER on day one!

In any case, you now have a mountain of problems to work through and you will wish you had left them in the paddock that day!

The Latigo girthing system is far more KIND to the horse - and to you!

The girth tightens evenly across its width and so gently that it does not upset even the girthy ones. You can tighten it 1/4" at a time if you want as you are not stuck with pre-set holes. It tightens so smoothly and gently that the horse hardly feels it - and you don't end up struggling either!

This girthing system is BRILLIANT for people with ARTHRITIS in their hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders too as there is no force or sudden movement required.

TRY IT - you won't
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