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HS Relief Bit - Pelham

HS Relief Bit - Pelham

These bits take away the 'Nutcracker' action of the single jointed bit and replace it with a much kinder action. The pressure is evenly spread across the bars and the tongue as the bit folds around the mouth.

The mouthpiece has also been re-designed with more curve, to give a better shape to fit the horse's mouth properly, reducing the bar pressure even further and preventing bit 'Slide'.

The mouthpiece has the optimum 10mm. diameter - narrower than a Myler - to ensure the horse's tongue and palate are not impinged by the bit and that the horse can seal his mouth and swallow. Try it yourself - it is very difficult to swallow unless your lips form a seal on your mouth. Wide bits prevent this..

There are no 'Slots' on these bits. They have the option of a Beval'' design which does not rub on the horse's face the way that 'lumpy' slots can.

Due to the Anatomical design of these bits, you will probably need a size 1/2" smaller than your normal bit.

Please measure your horse's mouth before ordering.

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