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Unique anatomical designs for maximum horse and rider comfort
Horsemanship Saddlery UK

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HS Anatomical Bridles

The 3 basic anatomical bridles are the Saturn, the Scorpio, and the Avante style beautifully crafted in Italian leather. 
All parts are ordered individually and are interchangeable with the anatomical Pluto, Apollo, Saturn Wide, Avante and Venus headpieces.  See the Build Your Bridle and How to Measure pages. 


The Avante Economy Bridle are beautifully crafted from excellent quality Indian leather as opposed to the Italian which is used on our other bridles, but it is still very nice leather making this premium design is affordable and can benefit more horses.  


The Titan Bridle is guaranteed to fit the biggest heads, yet still provides the same comfort as our Saturn and Scorpio range.  Made using the finest Italian butter-soft leathers and available as a complete bridle..


Our bridles are 'no flash' as any strap which goes under the bit puts pressure on the Mental Foramen and anything that restricts full jaw movement affects the Hyoid and TMJ.  They are all Cavesson bridles.


Click on the drop down menu for full descriptions of bridles, accessories and the Order Page for part styles.  All prices are CAD and include shipping with tracking # and insurance.

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